Forestry Boron Fertiliser

  Controlled Release Forestry Boron Fertiliser

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 New Zealand's leading Forestry Hydroboracite boron 

Need boron on your forest? 

whether you just need to ask some questions, or want to get an order underway.

Send us an email and we'll help you out.

Want to learn more

about your forests boron requirements?


 we offer a complimentary copy of our book ”45 years of boron” written by Dr Boron himself, email us through your postal address and we will get that out to you asap

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This is us

 The Late Andy McCord

founder, forester, and Dr boron extraordinaire

Sammi McCord 

Accounts Manager 

& and chief know them all

Joanna Woods 

Managing Director and head know it all.

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Joanna's Hubby and sprogs


Big Bear

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Old Ashley Forest days 

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"I first started Boron  application with Andy McCord in 1986 . We were applying boron to as many as 3500 ha / year

Since then Andy and his company have become a complete by word on tree and forest health .

Since his death his family have continued to run the company with the wealth of knowledge he passed to them .

I completely endorse the huge contribution Andy , his company and family have made and continue  to make to the forest industry and tree health" .


Andy Brown


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