Andebor Forestry Boron Fertilser fertilizer controlled release
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Andebor is our premium grade hydroboracite boron, designed for forestry, imported and distributed by McCord Forest Services.


New Zealand  soils are naturally boron-deficient. Which is why foresters who want to improve their tree height, girth, and yield use boron to increase overall plant health and improve resistance against both disease and adverse growing conditions such as drought.


Andebor works on a cellular level. The application of boron can increase tracheid length, lumen diameter and cell wall thickness. It promotes apical dominance and encourages growth away from branches and into the butt log. This translates to a higher quantity of timber yield, greater percentage of clear wood recovery, and reduced pruning costs.  


Andebor is specifically for forestry use, the unique combination of boron, calcium and magnesium provides a consistent, controlled  release which greatly reduces the risk of toxicity found with sodium borates. Unlike granular forms of boron, Andebor doesn't leach away into waterways. One application typically lasts an entire crop rotation when recommended dosage is applied 


Andebor raises both foliar and soil boron levels. Field trials show seedlings treated with Andebor were found to have a significant increase in root biomass compared to control specimens. This extra growth means the scavenging range of the tree also increases, further improving the uptake of other key nutrients as well.






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Available in 25kg and 1000kg bags

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