The History

Andy McCord dedicated his career to New Zealand Forestry.
He began his studies at Woodsman School at 17 years of age and graduated three years later with a Practical Woodsman Certificate. He then continued his education to obtain a New Zealand Certificate in Forestry Science.

Andy spent 21 years with the New Zealand Forestry Service until it was sold, followed by seven years as Carter Holt Harvey's Technical Manager. It was here he became known as "Dr Boron", as his dedication to grow the best trees started him on a lifetime study of boron, and it how it affects tree growth in New Zealand. Andy was involved in many of the FRI trials in the 1980's and 1990's on the positive effects of boron on forestry.
His extensive 30 year research period allowed him to witness those effects throughout entire forestry cycles.  Not only did Andy find evidence of its importance in improving Pinus Radiata growth and yield, but it also extended his findings into other avenues, such as: boron's ability to halt canker, and to drastically increase fruit/nut production on edible crops. Andy's wealth of knowledge led him to speak at many events throughout New Zealand and in both North and South America, to share his knowledge and research findings. 
 Boron research was his passion and every year he discovered other aspects in which this amazing micro-nutrient could be utilized. In 1997 Andy left Carter Holt Harvey to establish his own business, to pursue his personal passion to supply a superior quality boron to the New Zealand forestry market.
In 2001 after travelling the world’s boron mines Andy found Andebor, the product that produces high yield, high value, and optimum tree health, in one application.
Andy and his wife Sammi then spent the next 13 years successfully building and operating McCord Forest Services Ltd, and advocating the use of Andebor into New Zealand’s forestry industry.
At 14 years of age, their daughter Joanna started working in the company. She learnt to transcribe Andy’s recorded reports from field trials, then progressed to learning the administrative systems, accounting, financial and management processes, and everything to do with boron and processing boron orders. From 17 years of age she managed the business when Andy and Sammi were overseas for business and vacations.
Joanna moved to Nelson in 2010 and became the company’s Nelson Area Manager, responsible for monitoring trials of Andebor. She also worked as an adult educator in social services, and began tertiary studies in adult education, and horticulture.
Joanna became Managing Director of McCord Forest Services in 2014. She is passionate about forestry and the impact Andebor has on correcting boron deficiencies in the soil. Her vision is to see Andebor used extensively in New Zealand and Australia.
To date, Andebor has fertilized over 100,000 hectares of New Zealand forestry. Joanna plans to double that to 200,000 hectares by 2022.
Joanna sees the wood from the trees; she is a chip off the old block, after all.

McCord Forest Services Ltd   

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